Dibond & Fine Art Paper

History of Dibond

Singen, a small town near Lake Constance and the Swiss border in southern Germany, was the birthplace of Dibond aluminum printing. Although 3A Composites invented Dibond aluminum in the early 1990s, its roots date back to the turn of the nineteenth century.
Chemist Erwin Lauber, engineer Albert Gmür, and inventor Robert Victor Neher invented a technique for manufacturing rolls of thin aluminum strips in Singen at the time. Fast forward to 1969, when panels made of aluminum and plastic were developed in Singen: they were first used in construction, but it didn’t take long for their possible use as a high-end printing medium in major art exhibitions.

Benefits - Why Dibond?

Although Dibond medium is more expensive than other materials like canvas or plexiglass, it ensures a perfect image rendering free of reflections. To preserve the true nature of colors, we use natural pigments on Fine Art Paper that we overlay on Dibond.

Dibond has the following benefits:

Contemporary look: Brushed aluminum dazzles with its metallic finish and lightly structured surface, Dibond displays a “floating” effect which gives it a timeless look.

Lightweight: It’s not only valued as modern, it is also functional as it is easy to carry and hang.

Ready to hang: the back panel is equipped with hanging edges, which means that it is ready to hang upon delivery. No need for extra costs and the hassle of finding hanging kits.

This illustration stands on the product page. It shows the main features and benefits of using Dibond and Fine Art paper for our Limited Paper Editions. This mix allows for the highest conceivable printing quality. With the Dibond medium, it is lightweight and ready to hang. The Fine Art Paper is overlayed on the Dibond with Natural Pigments to display the true nature of colors. Finally, the Dibond allows for direct contact with the pigmentary colors as it isn't covered in glass (which adds reflection).

Dibond x Fine Art Paper

The highest standard of printing quality.

Each edition is carefully reviewed as we work closely with our local partner in Toulouse to ensure the industry’s highest standards. Using Fine Art Paper overlaid on 3mm Dibond, we combine cutting-edge technology with true craftmanship.

Contemporary Style

Versatile and easy to manipulate.

We chose Dibond to give a no-frame contemporary look to the artwork, while also preserving a functional aspect as it is ligthweight and easy to hang.

Natural Pigments

Brings vibrant colors back to life.

To preserve the true nature of colors, we use natural pigments on Fine Art Paper that we overlay on Dibond.

Moreover, Dibond also allows for a direct contact with the pigmentary colors, as it not covered with glass (there is no reflection).


Alu-Dibond is a highly valuable product to transport, which has to be carefully delivered. For this reason, we make sure that each of the artwork is shipped with insurance attached.
We work closely with our local partners in Toulouse to ship the prints in the shortest possible delays, but we also carefully examine each of the prints separately. Thus, please allow up to 4 business days for shipping.

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