Postcards for Retailers

We are looking for retailers who want to offer unique, beautiful postcards to their customers. 

You place them in your store, we take care of the printing & delivery. Try us and get €100 worth of free samples to see how they get noticed. Offer subject to conditions – see terms on Ankorstore.

More information below.

Postcards should be uniquely personal

Customers are losing interest in bland, uninspiring postcards. The postcards industry has been on the decline for quite some years now, and for good reasons. Their usefulness has changed, and any exchange of information is more efficient online. However, they remain the best way to be genuinely personal with someone. Thus, postcards should be able to reflect the beauty of the sentiments that are conveyed by one’s words.

This is where our job starts, and that’s why they love our postcards.

We decided to create beautiful, unique postcards that stand out from the crowd. It follows from these original creations, art that speaks to the heart, emotions that match the words intended to be shared.

We have already released 24 of them, and they are bestsellers. 

If you are a retailer looking to expand your stationery, we’d love to partner with you to offer our postcards for wholesale. We partnered with Faire to offer you free shipping, 30 & 60 days payment terms, and €200 offered on your first order. Offer subject to conditions – see terms on Faire. Reach out to us below to get started. 

Choose between our in-house display stands, or your own

Our mural and spinning display stands were designed with the postcards that you’ll find in our collection in mind. We wanted to best showcase them. We also created them to accommodate our partners and remove the hassle of sourcing corresponding postcards rack. 

Just like our postcards, they are locally made in France.

Of course, you can also choose to use your own postcards display stands. 

Stands for Wholesale Postcards was designed with our postcards collection in mind, and we wanted to showcase them in the best possible way.

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Get in touch if you have any questions, we reply in under 48h. 

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