2016 in the New York Subway.

Anne Turlais is far from her workshop and finds herself unable to paint.
Her son hands her his iPad and she starts to paint.
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Artwave was born in the New York subway in 2016, with Anne Turlais.

Far from her tools and workshop, Anne found herself unable to create and discovered the iPad as a new medium for creation after her son handed it to her. Immediately mesmerized by this new tool enabling her to paint in the present moment, she saw the potential to share art with the greatest number.

This is how she envisioned the project ‘365 Days in the Present‘, and created one digital painting per day, for one year, sharing them daily by email to her amateurs. Encouraged by the positive responses that emerged from this new approach to art, Anne launched Artwave, with the aim of sharing beauty with the greatest number by means of screens. 

Since its inception, Artwave’s mission is to share art that speaks to the heart.

What does that mean?  

Beauty in the Forefront

Beauty is a universal value that is ‘understood’ and felt from within us, and which we try our best to share with the greatest number. We believe in art that always puts beauty in the forefront, stirring up emotions from the heart rather than just an analysis from the mind. 

Positive Impact

Each business, in our opinion, has a social mission and the responsibility to carry it out. Our first axis is beauty awareness. In that direction, the Horizon 2020 collection was launched at the start of Covid 19 to offer spring’s nature to those who were unable to see it due to lock-down. The second axis is to bring well-being with art in places that lack it. This is how we broadcast video sequences of artistic processes with musical backgrounds on the screens of nursing homes and hospitals for patients. Finally, the third axis is found in our sustainable approach to producing. Our partners are Imprim’Vert, ISO 14001 and 9706, Print Lab certified, and participate in their Bilan Carbone.

Digital Embrace

The aim of Artwave being to share beauty with the greatest number by means of screens, the latter occupy a central place in our approach. Whether in the artwork creation (hand-painted on iPad Pro), distribution (Artistic Newsletter and NFT), or even intended use (see ‘Positive Impact’ section above), Artwave makes a point in embracing new technologies. 

Since its inception, Artwave’s mission is to share art that speaks to the heart.

What does that mean?  

Picture in Occitanie of the village 'Cabrerets' near Pech Merle and St Cirq Lapopie

From New York to Occitanie

Although Artwave’s mission is global, its heart lies in the green countryside of southern France, in Cabrerets (Occitanie).

The region of Cabrerets, Occitanie, is a never-ending source of inspiration for Anne Turlais: from France’s most renowned villages like St-Cirq Lapopie to pre-historical sites like Pech-Merle Cave, to abundant eco-systems of fauna and flora.  She established her residence and workshop there in 2009, and the Galerie Artwave in 2016.

365 Days in the Present

Creation of 365 'Vagues d'Amour', with a daily artwork sent to 500 amateurs.

First Inventory

Bank loan to constitute a first stock of printed editions.

Art in Hospital and School

Projection of '365 Days in the Present' in the Castre Hospital and in a school in Cahors during one year.

Salon de l'Optimisme

Visual animation throughout the 'Salon de l'Optimisme' in Paris.


Diffusion of more than 400 Vagues d'Amour in Fine Art prints edition.

Artistic Postcards

First postcards collection of 24 artworks.

New Collection

Start of the new collection 'Horizon 2020' to share beauty by email during covid-19.

Artistic Newsletter v2

The newsletter reaches 2,000 subscribers, with a weekly artwork sent by email.

Bring Beauty to our Elders

Horizon 2020 is shared every week in the form of video with music in 4 Nursing Homes and 1 Hospital.


The campaign started during covid 'Bring Beauty to our Elders' raises funds to sustain the effort in nursing homes for one year.

Klarna Partnership + New Website

Artwave partners with Klarna to enhance the e-gallery experience.

Partnerships, Ideas, Questions…

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