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Anne Turlais

Anne Turlais, Painter and Engraver, founded Galerie Artwave in 2016 with one goal in mind: to share beauty, in all of its form, to the greatest number. 


If you are drawn to the living, light, and colors, her art will resonate with you. 

Her gallery is a one-stop place to find a selection of Fine Art prints for sale on Dibond. They are all signed, certified, and numbered in limited editions. Finally, they are all original prints. 

Portrait of Anne Turlais in her gallery. She is a painter for 40 years. Her work consist of paintings on canvas, engraving, monotypes, original prints.

Curation of the month


Now that the sun is shining, here are some art prints inspired by bathing in the river or the ocean. Refreshing moments near a guardian tree or in the endless universe within a drop of water.

First Bath

Element of life: water.
When a hot summer day shakes you, to refresh your body and soul, there is nothing like a dip in a river of opal.

La Barque

Autumn is spreading its golden nuggets,
The eyelid boat makes it its iris
There, posed.

October Bath

At the bottom, grains of golden sand, Above, the meshes of water and light:
A moment of Mediterranean sea.


No one is an island, each has a place and is a part of the Universe.

Mountain Mirror

It is in November or Spring, when their water levels are at their highest, that they offer us in the clarity of the Occitanie skies an image of paradise.

The Célé in Winter

Clear winter morning, I would not dream of other islands.

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Beautiful artworks that are Signed, Numbered and Certified by the artist.

Each artwork is released as part of a limited edition. That means they are all hand-signed, numbered, and come with a certificate of authenticity. If the artwork isn't a great fit, you benefit from a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange.

Official website of artist Anne Turlais. A colorful and exciting world of original art and prints.

Your home is a reflection of yourself.

Your home is a reflection of yourself.

Illuminate it with art that speaks to the heart.

Illuminate it with art that speaks to the heart.

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A Postcard Goes a Long Way​

Brighten up the day of your loved ones with unique artistic postcards.

The Gallery

Galerie Artwave is based in Cabrerets, a small village surrounded by nature in south of France (Occitanie).

Found the artwork you love?

If you’re not fully sure, you can hang it on your walls for 30 days, free of charge.

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We want to give you the peace of mind that you are choosing the artwork that is right for you. For that, we partnered with Klarna to allow you to see your artwork at home before making a decision, or to pay in several installments (see if it’s available in  your country)

If the artwork isn’t a great fit, you can return it within one month.

Art prints for sale in limited editions - Cœur de Mère. You can Buy Now and Pay Later with Klarna

How it works:

1. Reserve the artwork you love and choose Klarna to pay up to 30 days later, no need for card details. You can also choose to pay in several installments (see if it’s available in your country).

2. Get it delivered to your door.

3. Take some time with your artwork without the stress of upfront payment. 

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"This is defining how we approach art on the internet. It ensures we establish a true connection with the artwork before buying"

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